Thursday, February 18, 2010

Find The Number?

With how few assistants can an intrepid explorer make a 6 day crossing on foot of an absolutely barren desert, if he and the available assistants can each carry only enough food and water to last one man four days? Look for the simplest humane soln...

1 Answers:

Ans: 2 assistants
Let the explorer be 'A' and the assistants be 'x' & 'y'

1. After the first day, all are left with food for 3 days. Both 'A' and 'x' will take food for one day each from 'y' and 'y' goes back. Now 'A' and 'x' are again left with food for 4 days. ('y' has food for one day which is the time required for him to reach the end from where they started)

2. After the second day, 'A' and 'x' have food for 3 days each. 'A' takes food for one day from 'x' and sends him back. ('x' goes back with food for 2 days)

3. Now 'A' has food for 4 days... and he requires only 4 days to cross the desert!!!!

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